Skokie Commercial Space For Lease

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Skokie Commercial Space for Lease

There are currently 7 small commercial spaces for lease being offered in Skokie on the corner of Touhy and McCormick. These commercial Spaces were part of a larger contiguous space but are now being rented as incubator spaces after being divided up into 1,000 – 1,5000 square foot units.  These smaller commercial spaces all share three common truck docks for unloading of goods into the warehouses:

As Seen above, the shared truck docks of a warehouse space for lease. Tenants renting these spaces can unload and load the merchandise for their distribution business here. Tenants and small businesses renting space can also utilize the automatic doors for fork lift access to their warehouse spaces.

As seen on the above, each Skokie commercial space for lease will also have access to automatic doors so that they can utilize fork lifts. To the right is the entrance to the common areas and shared bathrooms.

skokie commercial spaces for lease

In the photo above, Floor plan of Incubator spaces, originally a large Skokie commercial space for lease that was broken down into smaller units. Tenants will also enjoy shared office space, kitchen and bathrooms. See the below street view image:

Seen above, shared offices, all our commercial spaces for lease can be seen here:

Commercial spaces for lease


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