In Office Virtual Conferencing

This meeting room is only for for current tenants of the office building at 8052 Monticello Avenue in Skokie, who are signed up through our website. This meeting room has virtual conferencing capabilities and hardware, if you own a business and are a tenant in this building you can invite your clients to attend meetings through this calendar which will allow you to schedule the conference calls through google hangouts using our hardware.

* Unfortunately if you are not a tenant and do not lease space in this building you will be unable to book this meeting room.

Skokie Meeting Room Schedule

Meeting Rooms

To the Left can be seen a map of the various locations listed on great office spaces. There are meeting rooms located at 8052 Monticello and at 1585 Ellinwood. Above is the schedule for the meeting rooms at 8052 Monticello. 

If you are an owner or a broker, with office spaces or warehouses for lease, and you are interested in our advertising or management solutions email [email protected]