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Offices and warehouse spaces for lease. Which type of commercial space is right for your business? What are the different types of commercial leasing options?

Warehouse Building with different types of industrial spaces for lease

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Lets break down the different types of commercial leasing options in a way that is easy to understand. The difference between office spaces and warehouses for lease is in the way the space is conditioned and laid out. Office Spaces usually have air conditioning, and carpeted or special tiling or floor boards. They may also have more electrical outlets that are easily accessible for desks. Warehouses and other commercial manufacturing facilities will generally have higher ceilings, shared truck docks, and extra parking for delivery and trucks. They will also have wider drive in doors for fork lift usage. The reason that warehouses often have higher ceilings as opposed to offices spaces is that while its nice to have a high ceiling in an office, its essential in a warehouse. This is because high ceilings allow the tenant to store more of their merchandise and stack up their pallets higher.

Industrial Leasing - Other details

Some warehouses often have floor load specified in their metrics. This is basically how much weight can be stacked per square foot. Warehouses may also have epoxy coated floors. This is to provide an easily cleanable surface, this makes it tougher for dirt to penetrate into the flooring.

Case Study - Technology Company Tenant

Sometimes landlords and warehouse owners need to get creative in order to provide for certain tenants. We once had a technology company as a tenant. They wanted a space to store their computer equipment safely, and another space with which to hold an office. Running servers required a secure location, the servers consumed a lot of electricity, and therefore needed advanced cooling in order not to overheat.

A building that was originally developed for a bank was chosen for such a purpose. The servers ended up being stored in the vault, but contractors were hired to drill extra large spaces for wiring the electricity to the vault for the air conditioning. The old bank provided adequate server security and cooling conditions. 

Types of Commercial Leasing Warehouse-Office Leases

  1. Gross Lease

    A gross lease is generally a flat rate rent, this is a projected rent that takes into account possible future tax increases. In addition to the flat rate, you will pay other expenses that the landlord incurs such as real estate tax, and maintenance service fees. The main thing to take out of such a lease is that by setting a projected rate the landlord is shifting the risk away from the tenant and onto himself.

  2. Modified Gross Lease or Hybrid Lease

    This type of Lease is very common in industrial property and offices as well. In this type of Lease the tenant will pay his share of the increase of real estate taxes in the second year over the first year of leasing.modified gross commercial lease

Types of Industrial Space for Lease

Commercial leasing option #1: Incubator Space

Incubator Start-up spaces

This is generally a small warehouse space with a small office, or a small warehouse for lease without an office. The warehouse usually has a large door or double doors with which to bring in merchandise on a pallet, generally a minimum 8×8 door is outfitted to the space.

large warehouse for lease being subdivided and renovated
Large warehouse building that was subdivided into smaller incubator spaces for lease at the end of the original tenants lease

Commercial leasing option #2: Regular Warehouse

Regular Warehouse

This is generally a small warehouse space with a small office, or a small warehouse for lease without an office. The warehouse usually has a large door or double doors with which to bring in merchandise on a pallet, generally a minimum 8×8 door is outfitted to the space.

commercial warehouse
A regular warehouse being renovated. A space such as this may contain a small portion of its rentable square footage in the form of offices generally on the street facing side of the building

Commercial leasing option #3: Flex Warehouse with some office space

Flex Space for Lease

commercial real estate brokers generally use this term to denote a space for lease in which a higher percentage of the space is suitable for office usage. Flex space does not have to be only office-warehouse. Flex space for lease could also be laboratory space, medical space, production space, or creative space.

street facing side of a warehouse building for lease, providing a more aesthetically pleasing appearance for visiting custome

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