Chicago Warehouse Adaptive Reuse Part One (initial staging)

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This Massive Warehouse in the Chicago suburbs is about to be converted into smaller commercial units.

The facade of a warehouse in the north Chicago suburbs

This large 13,000 square foot warehouse is about to become converted into smaller commercial distribution units. Located at the busy intersection of Mccormick and Touhy on the edge of Skokie, Chicago and Lincolnwood, it is a prime location for any commercial business. The plan is to fix the damaged siding on the outside of the building, clean up the back, possibly add more parking (depending on if the city issues the permits), build up privacy walls, dust and clean the lighting and the walls, and build privacy walls for each individual unit. 

Buildout Plan for Small Warehouse commercial space conversion:


  • 23 foot clear ceilings
  • Shared truck docs for shipment and merchandise
  • Very safe neighborhood
  • 10 smaller warehouse units & one office 
  • The plan is for each space to be aproximately 1000 square feet


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