The page for the Office Building “Ellinwood”, was designed with the “Godfather” theme in mind. The owner of the building did not want his image or certain information to be public. If you are a building owner and would like to list your properties with us you might also wish to with hold certain information about your building or your ownership from the public. Great Office Spaces does not require you to list specific details about your building or ownership which you wish to remain private. All you need to list Offices and Warehouses with us is to provide the building address, sq foot, space usage, and any other details you would be required by law to make public knowledge pertaining to leasing office spaces and warehouses in the North Shore Chicago area.

"When someone comes, I dont care. As long as he pays me, we make a deal. He might not know it yet, but he's in my building already. Whether he likes it or not. I would'nt say this area is safe."

Des Plains Offices

Chicago Northshore
close to o'hare international airport

Close To Public Transportation

Office Spaces Located in Downtown Desplains Close to public transportation, Restaurants, busses, and hotels. Flexible Leasing options at rates you cannot beat.

Ellinwood's Location

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This office building is perfectly located if you want to be close to chicago in downtown des plains on the chicago north shore. Des plains is not far from O’hare airport. The best thing about these offices is the location,  you will be able to get in here regardless of your credit rating, and you have the option to do month to month leases.

Travel wise, you have the train stop nearby, parking, and It is close to downtown chicago and O’hare international airport. That, and that you will be able to get in here regardless of your credit rating. Stanley says most of the tenants have been at this building for over 15 years.